Most Essential Baby Care Tips

Most Essential Baby Care Tips

You have to know if you are hungry or just want your pacifier if the posture is uncomfortable or simply not sleepy … At first, it is not easy to understand the newborn. That is why this report was born, prepared with the advice of our experts and the experience of writing ‘Be Parents’ and its readers.

Baby Feeding

Newborns have a very small stomach. Therefore the amount of milk that fits them is also small. The intervals between the shots should be as required by your body. All pediatricians recommend breastfeeding on demand (except for illness exceptions).

Many babies regurgitate after breastfeeding or bottle feeding. It is normal. There is no reason to worry, as it is not usually a lot. As a rule, they only pour the milk they have had too much.

Sometimes, the child is not satisfied after breastfeeding for a long time. This can happen because it does not suck well: if you suck only the nipple, it will not take out much. We must ensure that the areola of the chest is also inside your mouth.

Ideally, each twin has its own pace of food, that is when they ask for it. If your brother keeps sleeping, we will leave him until he wakes up. Little by little, they will be approaching schedules.

There are babies who fall asleep suckling. They probably were not very hungry or were still half asleep. In this case, just move the nipple a little so that they wake up and continue sucking.

If we do not breastfeed, newborns have to learn to drink the bottle. The best thing is that at the beginning it is always the same person who gives it because we each have a different way of giving it. Some babies get baffled easily.

It is not advisable to give anything other than milk, or infusions, or any preparation that we have been told that will help you flush.

To avoid swallowing air, if we give the bottle, you must verify that it is inclined enough so that the milk occupies the entire nipple, and there are no air bubbles that you can swallow unintentionally.

For five or ten minutes after breastfeeding, babies show a special interest in their surroundings. If they cry after eating, it’s probably because they want to party, and we’re not paying attention to them. It could also be because they have gas.

Belching is not mandatory, but most babies feel better after they breathe. To help them, we can incorporate them resting on our shoulders, or put them upside down on our knees and pat them on the back. Sometimes gases can cause severe pain. If so, we should consult the pediatrician.

The proper posture to put the baby to bed after eating is on his back. It is safer and will cause gas disturbance to a lesser extent. This posture is the one you should always have in the crib to avoid sudden death.

Milk stains on clothes smell bad. They can be removed with a mixture of water and yeast (a teaspoon for a cup of water). Not only the bad smell is removed, but also the stain.

Weighing the baby on a daily basis makes no sense and can become a source of unnecessary stress. If he is happy, active, and grows well, it means that he is well-fed. The pediatrician keeps an exhaustive follow-up; if he detects something strange, he will take some kind of action.

Children who are breastfed make more bowel movements than those who drink artificial milk. In general, they usually make between one and four poops a day.

After approximately three months, children need a certain routine in their lives. Therefore, we must try to put them to bed at the same time and following the same ritual. This should be maintained for the following years.

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